Smart Translator

Smart Translator

You can now speak to people from all over the world, even if you don’t speak their language.


"Did you know that people who can communicate with and understand others, even if they speak different languages, feel more fulfilled and lead happier lives? The reason is simple: communication is an intrinsic part of the human experience and opens many doors. It also allows you to learn from others in every way. But what if we can’t speak another language apart from our own? Is there a solution that can help us communicate without having to learn another language from scratch?"



  • The answer to all these communication and understanding issues is called Smart Translator, a new gadget that will change how you travel, communicate with others, and see the world.
  • And, most importantly, it will help you be understood by others. This is a smart voice translator offering real-time translation into more than 30 languages. Clear sound quality, portable, and noiseless. It will become your ideal travel companion and allow you to overcome any language and situation.
  • Able to translate in real time to more than 30 languages: Simplified Chinese, Cantonese, Sichuanese dialect, Traditional Chinese, English (China), English (US) , English (UK), English (Australia), English (India), Korean, Japanese, French, German, French (Canada), Spanish, Spanish (Mexican), Thai, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Arabic (Egypt), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Arabic (International), Hungarian, Romanian, Swedish, Czech, Finnish, Danish, Polish.  What’s more, the translations are really quite accurate, regardless of their length.
  • Real-time communicator. It can be used face-to-face with another person, which solves any possible communication problems, as it offers a direct answer in a matter of seconds since the voice recognition is practically instant.
  • Bluetooth wireless connection. You can connect the device to your phone via Bluetooth, which enables wireless transmission of up to ten metre distances (voice recognition distance is two metres). It is also compatible with most mobile operating systems.
  • Long-lasting battery. It features a 3.7 V, 750 mA energy saving, rechargeable battery, which provides greater usability. This is important when travelling. The size and usability means you can take it with you at all times and it will be useful in any situation.

Speak any language in seconds!  

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